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I would sit around the barbeque fire with my school friends, smoking a cigar and my friend’s folks would come out and say – “hey, that 7 year old kid – he’s going places”

Since you are here, I assume you’re a fan of fine food and drink and today I thought I’d share my story with you, so we can get to know each other a little better…

I wasn’t exactly a saint when I was growing up. According to my dear mother, I was a naughty kid. According to me, I was simply exploring my fun boundaries.

And although I did spend most of my childhood tormenting my teachers and pranking the neighbours, one thing I did do that would not cause my parents getting grey hairs was barbequing — well, most of the time anyway. Setting the cat on fire and burning down Gran’s prize rose bush were all honest mistakes and are stories for another time. Actually, one of my favourites was smoking out my neighbour who was a Priest. He would come running out, point his cross at me, wave his bible and yell verses of scripture at me.

You could say that barbequing meat has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid – about seven years old in fact.

My school friends and I would make fires in our backyards on the weekends and holidays and we’d beg our folks for some scraps to cook. Sometimes we’d even steal steaks or chicken from out the fridge.
With the focused attention of children getting away with something we shouldn’t be doing, we’d methodically build the fire and be instantly rewarded by the tantalising smell of freshly lit crackling firewood before cooking up our meat feasts. It was like some kind of sacrificial ritual to the fire gods.

We’d sit around the fire as a group of young kids, laughing, joking and proudly cooking our meat as though we were seasoned masters of barbequing. I’d often light up a cigar in celebration of our accomplishments and my friend’s folks would come out and say ” hey, that 7 year old kid – he’s going places.”

Those cherished memories cemented a lifetime bond of friendship. One that still stands strong today, some 38 years later.

A gift from the fire gods

In 2004, my son Blaize was born. (Yes, we really did name him Blaize.)

When I first held him, I felt like Yoda holding young Skywalker. I could hear the fire gods whispering…”The force is strong with this one. A barbeque master of him you must make. Luke – this is your destiny!”

And so, I bear the burden of keeping my son from turning to the dark side — cooking in the kitchen!

Forging the secret rubs, recipes and techniques

About 16 years ago, I started experimenting with “low-and-slow” wood smoke barbequing.
I can still remember the first time I tasted hickory smoked chicken. My religion changed colour right then and there. I went from zero to zen in one bite. The flavour was out of this world.
From that day onwards, I incorporated wood smoking into my everyday barbequing and have been constantly improving and perfecting my barbeque smoking skills ever since.

Today, these tried and tested barbeque secrets are the pioneering cornerstones of Buffalo Sears.

Creating Buffalo Sears

I’ve been building my own businesses since the age of 23, across 3 countries and across multiple industries.

The idea of creating a Smokehouse restaurant with a Whisky bar (my next favourite passion) was highly appealing. But to commercialise my secrets successfully, I needed the help of a seasoned chef.
Luckily, one of those little fellows who sat around the fire barbequing and making sacrifices to the fire gods with me, became a professional chef.

Jason Nettmann is a lifelong friend and we’ve been barbequing together since those backyard cookouts.
Jason has over 25 years’ experience building restaurants from the ground up. He’s successfully built and operated 3 of his own restaurants in New Zealand and has setup and operated BBQ style Smokehouses and bars in Los Angeles too.

Way back in 1993, we toured the USA in a van. We toured 21 states, starting out in Los Angeles and returned to California through all the southern states.

We experienced first-hand the real southern American BBQ traditions and culture. We visited the Jack Daniels distillery in Tennessee and I even became a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Squire.

Jason went on to become a successful chef and started his own restaurants while I started my own businesses. In June 2017, I persuaded Jason to come and help me set up my Smokehouse dream. The result is the Buffalo Sears experience.

Permission to “have fun and let the naughty kid out in you.”

When we look back over our lives, the memories that make us smile are all the fun ones – the fun times. And we should have so many of these to smile back upon.

But, most people (young and old) in today’s high-pressured world, have chaotic schedules. And we forget to have fun along our journey.

When creating Buffalo Sears, I wanted to create a place where you can just let go, let your hair down and simply have fun. With our great tasting smoked meats and bourbons of course!

So please come on over. I am giving you permission to have some real fun and let the naughty kid out in you. Let’s share some laughs, some good bourbons, wine or beers and some great smoked BBQ together. Let’s create some memories you can look back on and smile.

Time is precious to us all. We are here for a good time, not a long time.

Hope to see you soon.

Luke Fatooros
Buffalo Sears’ owner (and still a naughty 7 year old kid at heart)

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Wednesday - 5pm till 9.30pm
Thursday - 5pm till 9.30pm
Friday - Sunday 12pm till 10.30pm
Ground Floor, Swell Resort
1638 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads

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