Buffalo Sears Burleigh Heads

Buffalo Sears,
Whiskey and Brew.

There are certain moments in our lives which change us. Things we can never ‘unlearn’. A first kiss. The passing of a driving test. Meeting your soulmate. Somehow the world never looks the same. We’re forever changed.

This is the promise of the Buffalo Sears experience.

Step into our vibrant BBQ Smokehouse and Grill and enjoy a fresh, innovative atmosphere and food paired with craft beers and fine whiskeys.

Fine cuts of meats, delivered fresh daily and then delicately flavoured by the kiss of aromatic woodsmoke, basted and rubbed with the fresh ingredients of time-tested flavours, and seared with our chargrill glaze.

Listen to the funky tunes, swap stories with friends and create lasting memories.

You can never unlearn the great taste of Buffalo Sears.

Opening Hours

Monday - Tuesday 5pm till 10.30pm
Wednesday - Sunday 12pm till 10.30pm
Ground Floor, Swell Resort
1638 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads

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