Now you can take the great Buffalo Sears flavour home with you!

Our sauces here at Buffalo Sears didn’t happen overnight. I have been stirring, fiddling and mixing ingredients, spices and combinations since I first starting smoking cigars – age 7.
Some say I may be a slow learner because it took about 25 years to get these flavours just right. Maybe they’re right but one thing is for sure, everyone loves the bold, knockout flavours of our sauces.

Turn your flavours up a notch
We have had so many requests in the restaurant from our friends asking for our sauces to be bottled. Now you can take our incredible flavours home with you. Become a Backyard BBQ Pit master or simply amaze your friends and family by turning up the flavours several notches with our secret, tried and tested sauces.

No Preservatives or Additives
All our sauces are made in house weekly in small batches using fresh, local sourced ingredients. There are no preservatives, additives or colourants that are found in everyday off the shelf sauces. Ours are 100% natural and Gluten Free.

Unique Batch Numbers
Each sauce bottle is handmade and has a unique batch number and expiry date on its label. This way you can be assured you are buying a genuine, freshly made product.

Go on, make your bad BBQ good and your good BBQ gooder.

Happy smokin’ and sippin’


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